« Yet, it is not out of the question to see in the motivated simplicity of the gesture, in the slender touch, devoid of affectation, as well as in the techniques of gradual covering of the painting space, something related to a former impregnation.  These shapes belongs to Soo Kyoung Lee’s mind, she saw them in museums and galleries and, even before knowing what to paint or how, they are naturally taking place amongst the range of possible shapes. […]

Soo Kyoung Lee’s painting belongs to this category. [It] seems to navigate between times, between influences, without rooting in any, but keeping their traces. »

François Michaud, extract from Danses à la source – Réflexions sur les sources de la peinture de Soo Kyoung Lee [Danses at the Source – Reflexions on sources for Soo Kyoung Lee paintings], unpublished text, 2023.

Soo Kyoung LEE is born in Seoul (South Korea) in 1969. She lives in Paris and works in Bagnolet, Bruxelles and Seoul. She is represented by Oniris Gallery in Rennes (France), MM Gallery in Bruxelles (Belgium), Artside Gallery in Seoul (South Korea) and Accompany Gallery in Busan (South Korea).




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